The World Race. Word.

Well now. I'm 100% sure there's no one who reads this anymore. But I might as well start now.

Last Tuesday I applied for this thing called the World Race and on Thursday I had a phone interview with an awesome girl named Alexandra. The World Race is an 11 month long mission trip that goes to 11 different countries across the globe. I find out if I am able to experience this amazing opportunity in about a week.

The race I applied for goes to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal and India and I can't be more excited. The remaining days of the week long waiting period are going to crawl by!

So now you know. If I end up getting accepted, you'll know the answer to the "What are you doing after graduation" question that I just know you're going to ask me!

Agape my friends and I'll keep writing, even if no one's reading!