My Last Parisian Post!!

By the time you are reading this I will probably be in America! Yay! But that's for another time. Keep checking because I'll probably have stuff I forgot to write about that I post after I'm home!

This is my friend Emily. From the second week we were here we planned out our Louis Vuitton excursion. She had been saving for a long long time, so I was her personal shopper :) and we went to the Louis Store on St. Germain. And it was a good time. The guy was like, "I am here to serve you!" and when Emily didn't like the look of something he would say, "Should I take it away?" To which Emily would reply, "Yes, take it away!" The irony of this picture is that she is digging for the metro ticket she had to buy because she didn't want to pay for another month of Navigo (unlimited metro usage). It's kind of funny I guess... and there's a Louis bag in it. We had fun on the way home on the train too. When people would get to close to the bag we would say PEOPLE! Do you NOT see the name on this bag? Back off. Only to ourselves, don't worry we didn't really yell at people. They wouldn't have been able to understand us anyway.
This was the same day that our apartment building got broken into. The apartment below me had a computer, ipod, and some other expensive things stolen. So Emily was really worried about her Louis while we were in class. She hid them behind the curtains and everything. And that night she had watched an episode of the Tudors that had people getting executed in it, and I had watched a Desperate Housewives where Fairview has a guy who is going around strangling young women. I was too afraid to go to the bathroom :)

This is Emily and my last night out. Sad day. We both took pictures on this bridge near Bastille. We went to a café in front of Notre Dame and had a drink. Then we went to Bastille to have Nachos at Indiana! It was quite delicious. It was FREEZING. But you gotta do what you gotta do to look good in a picture.

Me and Alexa Bear!! We had fun making delicious chicken soup. I missed her a lot and I'm really glad she got to come. We went to Versailles. And got separated from her parents. Really long story short. 5 hours later everyone was randomly reunited at my apartment. And we went to Notre Dame and Ile Saint-Louis. Then the next day she got a really bad eye infection. Which is unfortunate. But I got to play tour guide and showed the Wilcoxes around Paris. I hope I did a good job.
Miss Emily P and myself on the 6 on our way towards the Eiffel on my birthday! Look how young and naive I look right? One of my friends congratulated me on never being a teen mother. I laughed. But anyway, Emily and I went to the Eiffel and I turned 20 in front of it where Hitler stood. I feel like I've written this before. But oh well. I got my picture taken with it right when it started sparkling!
Class let out early one day, so I just went to the Champ de Mars to read a book.. and this was my view. I'm gonna miss this.

I'm more than a little excited to go home and have Taco Bell and White Castle and to see my family and everything. But I'm going to miss Paris! It's been a blast and it's hard to believe I'm leaving. Everything became so ordinary... Oh hey. Want to go shopping on Rivoli today? Nah, I was thinking something more like going to the Louvre or something. This has been my life for the past 4 months. And in Springfield it's pretty much: Do you want to go to the Walmart on Glenstone or the one on Campbell. haha I will adjust I suppose. We shall see.

More to come probably! So for one of the last times-

À tout à l'heure!


So here's the deal

My roommate moved out today. HALLE-freakingLUJAH. But she took all the toilet paper. And the shower gel. To her boyfriend's house. Oh. Actually I meant to her boyfriend's mom's house. Because he's 23. And he lives with his mom. And his girlfriend is moving in. But if he still lives with his mom. I'm pretty sure it's still his mom's responsibility to buy him toilet paper. and shower gel. I'm livid. And it's kind of a downer. Because I was so excited when she left. At least she cleaned the bathroom and swept the hall liked she was supposed to. But left me with the mile high pile of recycling, the trash, the greasy stove, dirty countertops, and sink. But she's gone. So that's the good thing.

I'm done with finals today! Yeah! And I get Taco Bell in T-3 days. So that's exciting.

That's all I got for now.

À tout à l'heure.