So here's the deal

My roommate moved out today. HALLE-freakingLUJAH. But she took all the toilet paper. And the shower gel. To her boyfriend's house. Oh. Actually I meant to her boyfriend's mom's house. Because he's 23. And he lives with his mom. And his girlfriend is moving in. But if he still lives with his mom. I'm pretty sure it's still his mom's responsibility to buy him toilet paper. and shower gel. I'm livid. And it's kind of a downer. Because I was so excited when she left. At least she cleaned the bathroom and swept the hall liked she was supposed to. But left me with the mile high pile of recycling, the trash, the greasy stove, dirty countertops, and sink. But she's gone. So that's the good thing.

I'm done with finals today! Yeah! And I get Taco Bell in T-3 days. So that's exciting.

That's all I got for now.

À tout à l'heure.

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  1. Dot, That was sure rude of your roommate to leave you in such a situation. What was she thinking (or not thinking)? Glad to hear your finals are over. Didn't know that you are also a fan of Taco Bell!!! What, no Taco Bell in Paris? Hope you have an uneventful flight home. I guess this means this is your last blog? I'm going to miss reading them. See you soon.
    Auntie M