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So this week I have a presentation, an accounting test, and a persuasive speech. I'm ready for the presentation, don't even know what the test is over in Accounting, and haven't chosen a topic for my persuasive speech... I'm doing fine right? HA. Today wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped, but I did watch two intense episodes of 24. Which is always a good day. Well, for me, it's not such a good day for Jack Bauer...
Anyway... look at this picture!

While Paden was here we saw a huge march/demonstration. It went from Bastille (above) almost all the way to my street. Which is like a mile and a half. And it didn't start in Bastille, I'm pretty sure it was throughout the city. Paden really really really wanted to go march in it. But I'm a killjoy and said no because for all he knew they were demonstrating to cut the heads off of every third person in Botswana. Turns out it they were the communist party (that's what one of my teachers said at least, but she's kind of an idiot, so who knows). Anyway. They had flares and megaphones and "We hate Sarkozy" stickers. Poor Sarkozy. haha. So that was pretty cool. There were I think 800,000 people who marched in this thing then we saw 2 people that were the opposition that were hold up a piece of cardboard that said "Work less to live better" on the side of the road.
Thank you English man for taking a picture of me and Paden... but we kind of wanted one with the Arc de Triomphe too... Oh well. It was FREEZING this day. And we did lots of walking the whole time he was here. We walked from my apartment to the Louvre a couple times. And we got a falafel in the Marais, which happens to be the Jew/Gay district of Paris. We also went to Angelina that day and got drinking chocolate. Which is probably the most amazing drink in existence. Then we went to Bordeaux and I could only put 6 pictures up at a time, so there is a big time lapse between the picture above and the next one. But in between the two we met mom and dad in Bordeaux, went to some vineyards, Padey left, and then mom and dad and I went to Fontainebleau which is the hunting lodge of the royal family. I can now see that I am going to have to do another post with more pictures because there is a lot more missing than I thought. It will be out of order, but what does it matter to you, the reader. It only matters that I tell you about it :)
So this was Easter at Mont Saint Michel. Mom, Dad and I went there with the Navions. Alexia and I have this picture from 3 years ago in the same spot only we were in shorts and flip flops then. It was really fun to watch mom go around and be in awe of all the stuff at Mont Saint Michel because I had already been there and she hadn't :)
Here you go Sherri! There's momsie and popsicle. We are at the 7th best bar in all of Europe. It's a landmark that can't be changed apparently. But it was really cool. We were in Bretagne, so we HAD to get some calvados right? Mostly right. I got a Malo Saint which is lime juice and cointreau. And then I tasted the calvados. I'm not a fan of the calvados, but cointreau I am in favor of. (And mom really wanted a picture on my blog, so here you go mommy)
This is my French brother Thomas sitting on a wall that is like 40 feet down on the other side. But that's the English channel in the background. It was very pretty, and St. Malo was the perfect place to celebrate Easter. We were going to go to the 11am mass at the cathedral of St. Malo, but it wasn't at 11. It was at 10:30 and the front desk people told us the wrong time. And then wouldn't let us use the upstairs bathroom. They weren't very nice. But we stayed for the end of the service and when they finished the choir sang "Alleluia" and it reverberated in the cathedral. Then we walked outside and the bells were ringing and ringing and ringing. It was very Eastery. And according to Alexia the church bells don't ring from Thursday to Sunday morning, and to celebrate the raising of Christ they ring like crazy after the Easter service. Very cool!

Okay, so there will be more to come about Fontainebleau and Athens in the future. Hopefully this will tide all four of you who read this over :)

À tout à l'heure!

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  1. Dot,
    So glad to see the entry on your blog. Sounds like you and Paden had a great time. Something you will both remember forever. Oh, to be young, in love and in Paris!!!! It doesn't get any better than that.

    Sounds like you had some quality time with your mom and dad. Imagine you having been somewhere in Paris that your mom had not been to!
    Loved the pictures! I can only imagine how busy you are but we do appreciate your entries to keep us updated. I check it almost everyday.

    Take care and thanks for not totally forgetting your faithful four!!

    Aunt Mary