A few photos from Normandy

This is from Point du Hac. It was a good day for pictures Ben-overcast :) Well... when it wasn't raining or snowing. It was really muddy up here, so the bus drivers checked peoples shoes and if they weren't clean enough you had to go wipe them off in the grass. Which made your boots...my boots... soaked all the way through again. So I guess I owe a big thank you to the bus drivers for being sick. But ANYWAY. At least I didn't fall and get mud all over my pants and side like on of my other friends did. They weren't going to let her on the bus until she cleaned up, but there wasn't really much possibility of that because the bathrooms were closed. I think someone had a blanket or something that they let her sit on.
This is Omaha Beach. You can walk down a path from the American Cemetery to the beach. It was really windy and through lots of little treed over paths and stuff. It it weren't so solemn it would have been quaint.
This is only part of a part of it. It was incredible. It sounds really lame now, but the only thing you could really think as you were walking through was thank you.

This was taken part way down the path I was talking about earlier.
There was a monument before all of the crosses. We didn't really get a closer look, but I did get a chance to snap a picture.

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