Some pictures :)

Alexa making us wait....
My friend Emily and me before we went out on the town :) Waiting for Alexa!

Our little meal :) This is the first meal I made for my roommate and me (or I... can't figure out which one would be better). It's kind of a rendition of something I made for Mom and Dad before I left: Chicken with shallots and garlic with a honey/dijon/mayo sauce (which was a rendition of the Frederick Family Christmas pork loin sauce!) . The carrots, salad and bread are just Frenchie things :)
I think we all know what this is... But this is a sweet sweet victory because it was after our indirect trek there from Notre Dame. Oh what college kids will do to save a buck... or a euro :) (We were avoiding the metro so Alexa didn't have to pay)

Alexa took this one because her camera malfunctioned for a while. But voliĆ  la Sacre Coeur! We were pretty close so it was hard to get a good shot.

So this is Notre Dame... with a Christmas Tree in front of it! That's pretty much it. This is right before we went to mass inside of it. Which was really cool! We had a guy take our picture in front of it, but it's on Alexa's camera. So that might be up later.

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