Watching Jack Bauer being tortured on 24 somehow makes my throat hurt less.

Well. Last night was awesome. NOT! I had a fever and I was freezing even with socks, sweats, 2 blankets, a hat, and the heat turned up all the way. I fell asleep for a couple of hours and had really weird dreams that had Gandhi and Squidward from Spongebob in them. It was bizarre. But then woke up because it was really really really hot. And that's how it went for the rest of the night.
This morning I gargled some salt water- not a good experience. And had some hot tea. And I go to meet Alexia in about 30 minutes.

But before all that happened! Alexia came over and hung out for a while and we tried to work out plans for going to Lyon or Angers :) We're both pretty booked though!! And we were speaking in French! Finally!!

Normandy pictures soon!

À tout à l'heure!


  1. Dot,
    Hope by now that you are much better!

  2. Wish I were there to help doctor you back to health. I heard your voice today while you were skyping and you sound a little better, hope you are feeling that way. Need photos and updates!

  3. Hi Dot! Really interesting blogs, and neat activities. The photo of the crosses at the American cemetery and your comments were moving, even from here across the pond. Those brave young men have made it possible for you to be experiencing France, Londre, Greece, etc. Way to go Rangers and all our military. Your Mom and I bought dinner for a couple of soldiers at Cracker Barrel recently, probably about the time you were looking at those crosses; fitting....