It's been a while!

Sorry, I've been pretty busy! Alexa got here on Friday. I got two hours of sleep the night before and woke up at 6 in the morning to take three trains to go get her. And when I get there it's just when her plane is arriving and I ask where the gate is because it doesn't say on the sign. The guy tells me that the flight number I said was coming in at 9:30 tonight, so this is the point where I start to get a little nervous. So I walk around and look at the signs a little bit, and see that there is a flight that is one number off that she is probably on, so I go ask where the gate is for that and the guy gave me the number and I wait there for an hour. And it has her flight number and everything on the screen saying the baggage is being unloaded. So I went to the counter and asked if she was on the flight and the lady was like... well... I can't tell you... but yes. So I walk around and I was freeeeeaking out! I just kept thinking to myself, "I lost my best friend in Paris, I lost my best friend in Paris....." so after I had waited and asked around I just went and sat in a corner and tried to figure out what to do. I turned my phone on and texted my mom and Paden and my trip advisor, and at this point I'm pretty much in tears. And I look up and there she is! It was like she was a shining star hahaha. I now know what true relief feels like. I was very very scared. Because I gave her directions to get to the apartment, but, obviously, she didn't write them down.
SO after that crazy moment was over I had to go to Macroeconomics. Which is not going to be fun at all. We'll see how that goes.
So then a group of us went out on the town for a while, and that was pretty fun. We went to Bastille and a couple other places. And we got back home and fell asleep. Then Saturday we went shopping for food and got some bauggettes and made a little lunch at home. Sunday we had a really cool day! We went to the Champs Élysée and went shopping (there were big big sales!) I bought 2 things and both of them were marked at one price and when I got to the register they were even cheaper! Yeah! I love that!
We got an outrageously expensive meal at George V of french fries and hot dogs- it said sausage on the menu, I did not intentionally order a hotdog on the Champs. I got my first citron pressé this trip too, but it was waaaaaay to lemony. After shopping we took the train in the general direction of Notre Dame. We were just going to take pictures of it and then head somewhere else because it was so insanely cold. We bought gloves from this vendor in the metro for 5€ and Alexa put on her new coat and I bought a new overcoat thing. And we were following behind these Americans and they were talking about going to mass. And Alexa and I looked at each other and I was said, "Want to go to mass?" and she was like, "Yes I do." So we followed them in a non-creepy way and we were wondering what church this mass would be in. Turns out it was in Notre Dame. So, you know, we just went to mass at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France... no big. It was pretty cool though. I've only been to a couple of other catholic services, and I always feel weird when I don't take communion, but I guess it's the rules. But it was really interesting to see the people there because it was like a church community, but it was in Notre Dame. They had announcements and offering and the people were greeting each other and babies were crying and everything a church back in Rolla would. But it was in Notre Dame!
Any way, after that we decided to walk to the Eiffel Tower to save Alexa's metro tickets. And we were just following the spot light, so we got a little bit turned around... and then we saw something glittering like it does every hour and we got really excited, but it ended up being a hotel :/ BUT! We FINALLY made it there! And we passed Invalides on the way. We walked up there and took some pictures and we went up to where Hitler got his picture taken and then we came back home, had a bottle of wine, and went to bed!
And now I'm here updating this blog :)
I need to do some homework sometime today... But we're going to go shopping again because the stores on Rue de Rivoli will be open. My brown boots I just got at Christmas are lookin pretty rough because I wear them every day... literally.

:) Sorry it's been a while, I'll have pictures up too, once I get them all on my computer!

À tout à l'heure!

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  1. Dot,
    What an adventure!! This is something you and Alexa will remember the rest of your lives. We all still remember when we thought we had lost Aunt Sandy in Harrod's!! It was so scary, just as you said. Glad it turned out okay. Sounds like you had a wonderful time while Alexa was visiting.