First Day of Class!

So! Today was my first day of class! I was planning on making a little trip to the market, but I didn't wake up early enough! But I took my time getting ready and arrived at school about 2 hours before my class started! So I sat at a table and read a book on my phone. I won't say which one so people don't think any less of me (-cough-New Moon-cough) hahaha!
But I walked up to my room and the teacher was a like 10 minutes late and turns out she's from California. But she lived there 23 years ago. Because she's lived in France for 23 years. And she hasn't had a tv for 23 years. She's kind of a nutter. It's my Critical Thinking class and it's writing intensive. So today we had to interview a person and write a succinct paragraph about it. And I have to read 80 pages by next class :/ and I have to interview someone and write an "interview essay."
In other news, I flipped my comforter over today. Now I have some ferocious looking tigers staring up at me. I might start naming them.
I also picked up a paper fully expecting it to be in French
and it was English. But I felt like a Parisian sitting on the train reading a paper. Too bad it was the sports section of USA today.... No wonder it had a picture of the Saints on the front... :) So much for being a Frenchie.

I'm still excited for Alexa Bear to come on Friday!!!!!!!!! I promise I will have pictures then!!

À tout à l'heure!


  1. DEF:
    I just caught up on all your adventures and I am overwhelmed by your confidence, curiosity, and tenacity! I so wish I could come visit, maybe someday. Anyway I can live vicariously through your blog. Love you lots.
    Your "Play Auntie" Sherri B.