What happened today

I got up pretty late today because it's the weekend and I didn't have to get up for anything in particular. It was pretty nice, although I'm still tired. I guess I'll have to get used to the busy-ness of the city sometime. I walk a looooooot which is awesome, but most of my shoes don't have very good support at all. So it's like walking barefoot. I'll have to invest in some nice boots and flats. It's definitely worth it.
So since you all are dying to know every detail of my day I guess I'll fill you in :P
After I got up and showered I went out and walked around for a while just around my neighborhood. I found a park that has a soccer- excuse me- foutball field with a track around it that is really not far at all that I can run on :) Another girl here wants to run too and went around today to try to find a running route so we'll have to exchange info on what we found. So I walked around for a long time and then got on the metro to go home. I figure I can get as lost as I want because all I need to do is find the metro and I can make it home no matter where I am. That's a really comforting fact. And since I was walking I couldn't get that far so I was still one of the lines my stop is on. So when I tried to get through the gate my Navigo pass wouldn't work (Navigo is a metro pass that you just reload every month and you get unlimited rides). So the guy at the window called me over and saw that it should have worked and gave me a one time pass and said in 8 minutes it would work. So hopefully it does the next time I go! I tried to reload it for this week too, but my card was rejected because it doesn't have a chip in it like French cards do... I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Or maybe it was because my phone and it were in the same pocket? But my phone's on airplane mode so that couldn't have been it.. I have no idea! But as long as it works next time I don't really care!
Then after I got off the metro at my stop I walked to the boulangerie and got a bauggette for dinner and breakfast and lunch tomorrw. Then I walked to the Monoprix to get some l'eau avec gaz and some Coca Light avex limon (in case Aunt Mary is reading this it feels like old times and every time I hear Diana Krall The Girl in the Other Room and drink Coca with Lime I think of our Parisian adventures :) )
Monoprix was so busy... there were tons of people there because it was right after work let out and right before dinner- not the best idea for me to go then. But I got my stuff and walked back to the apartment. I didn't have my bag with me so I got a good upper body workout from walking the couple of blocks and up the stairs to my place hahaha
And now I'm sitting here about to grab the rest of my Kebab from the other night for dinner telling you all every detail about my day.
Hope it wasn't too boring!

À tout à l'heure!

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  1. Dorothy,
    Because of some confusion ,I just got the link to your blog. What a great idea! I've been catching up on your adventure. Sounds like things are going well. I too remember, with fondness, the time we spent in Paris together and the nightly sounds of Diana Krall. I also still have a love for Coke w/lime, thanks to you. I am on my computer in the breakfast area and Uncle Buz is reading your blog on his computer in the family room. Every once in a while I hear this roar of laughter coming from the family room. It's just Uncle Buz reading about your shopping escapades!!! So glad your adventure is going well. Keep the blogs coming. You write a great blog. Have you thought of becoming a writer. I feel like I'm there with you (well not quite but close). Love, Aunt Mary