Weekend :)

So yesterday we got out of orientation at 1 and went shopping! I went to Gallaries Lafayette and bought a Longchamp purse for 50% off. I love it. I'm on my way to looking like a "vrai Parisienne hahahaha. It will take more than a Longchamp to do that! But before that I looked in H&M with a friend and then we went to the Gallaries together and she looked around while I picked out a purse. It's a messanger bag so if a gypsy throws a baby at me I won't have to drop my bag to catch the baby!
Last night we went (in a group of 9, don't worry Mother) to the Eiffel Tower and walked up to where Hitler got his picture taken with it (I don't remember what it's called). Then we took the Metro to the Bastille and I had my first Bellini at a bar there :) it was pretty tasty!
Later today I'm going to explore my neighborhood a little bit and find a place to run.
The internet is really really fickle and we only have one ethernet cord. I was thinking about finding a wireless router so our room could just use that, but that will probably cost money. Which is a problem.


  1. If someone there has a windows computer, I think I know how to set it up as a wireless router to share internet with everyone else. And that laptop can use the internet too.

  2. Just tell me what version of windows the computer has that you want to use.

    You people are in college, shouldn't you know how to do this?

  3. Probably... but we don't! I'll ask my roommate if we can do it on hers that would be really awesome! She has Vista, but might be upgrading to 7 soon... I'll email you! I have other stuff to ask you about anyway :)
    I'm glad you're reading this! It makes me happy!!! You should try to come with mom and dad in March!!!!

  4. I'm very proud of you for buying a bag that will allow no gypsy tom-foolery! However, I think most gypsies reside in Italy, so hopefully you're safe!

  5. oh there are plenty of gypsies here too!! :) only at the big metro stops though. and there will be more in tourist season!!