Louvre passes! Finally!

We finally got our Louvre passes! They were surprisingly inexpensive... only 15€ for an entire year! I'm looking forward to spending time there and just needing to get out of the apartment and deciding to hop on the metro and go to the Louvre. I also thought that if I just can't get homework done in the apartment I can just go to one of the cafés in the Louvre :)

After we got the passes I was planning on doing some shopping, but I didn't get much done because Raymond and Patrick came along too, and I felt really bad being like... okay sit here while I try on 9000 pairs of boots haha! So I'll go back Wednesday before class. I really like Rue de Rivoli, the area is really neat, and it's right by the Louvre, and I'm kind of a dork so it's like cool! Marie Antoinette probably walked around here at some point! Or an angry mob probably rushed towards the Palace right about here... Anyway, we also went to the mall by Les Halles and there was some good stuff there too. Like I said I'm going back Wednesday :)
I did get one sweater from Zara. It's pretty basic, but it's a pinkish color that will be able to go into the Springtime too.

Apparently tomorrow is supposed to be really cold. Bummer. But I'm planning on going to the little market that happens on Sundays and Wednesdays. They have fresh fruit and jewelry and stuff like that and it's right out side the apartment in the little Place that makes up our little neighborhood. I also need to get a notebook for class tomorrow. Hopefully I won't have homework yet though. Today was the first day of classes (I don't have any on Mondays), but they already have group projects that are due next week. I have an organizational behaviors class, so i'll probably have projects.. boo

I got a router today too. But we don't know how to make it work, so a kid who does is going to help us tomorrow. I'm REALLY excited about that!!!!! Reeeeeeally excited. Because this stupid ethernet cable doesn't even click into my computer and it comes out all the time.

I made myself a little dinner tonight too. Salad and carrots and some bauggette and goat cheese. It was really good. The carrottes are really easy to make and salad is too... I picture myself eating this meal a lot. Which is fine by me and it's relatively healthy! I'm excited for mom and dad to come because I'll get fancy food :) But I kind of want to make them a little dinner in my humble little abode.

I'm going to try to get unlimited skype minutes! Apparently it's really cheap!

À tout à l'heure!


  1. Uncle Buz thinks you need to Major in Shopping or maybe teach a course in it!!!!

  2. that would be a fun job!! maybe i'll start a revolution!!! :)