More Packing...

So today I put on Harry Potter and brought in all the stuff that was in my car that was in the hall into my room. And I've been sorting through it a little bit and putting stuff away. I have most of what I want to take piled on my bag... I need my mom to go through everything with me though! I have so much stuff I want/should take. I bought some space bags today too. There was only one travel one and the rest were vacuum ones. Well the vacuum's broken, so I just had to squeeze the air out of all of them. They don't really save that much room because my stuff isn't that puffy. But I have a lot to fit in this bag, so every little space counts I guess... This part of the trip isn't that exciting. So more to come later. And hopefully it will be more interesting :)


  1. Yay for watching Harry Potter while packing...we haven't watched it yet this semester...pretty surprising no?

  2. get on that woman! do it in honor of me :) hehehe