First Day on the Town

Today we walked a LOT. Raymond, our trip director, met us in front of the apartment and we got on the metro and rode to Bastille (which is only a few stops from Daumesnil). Then we got off the metro at Bastille and walked from Bastille to the Louvre. Which is a long way when you're walking straight there, but we took the scenic route, so it was quite a ways. We were going to get our Louvre passes (which once you pay, and mine is already prepaid through my program). Once you have the pass you can get in for free for a year! so i can go to the louvre as much as I want! hahaha
what else... thats mostly it i guess. we just walked a lot a lot. And we went to the grocery store and i got a bauggette (finally!!) and some sirop for flavoring water :) and some raspberry applesauce... and a bottle of red wine for 1,65! it's so cheap!
Now that you've read through my shopping list...
tomorrow is our first day of orientation at the American Business School. We have to be there at 10 am which means I should probably get up at like... 8. We have to meet Raymond at 9:30 i think so he can take us there for the first day. We have to learn the exchanges and stuff...
we were going to go to a basketball game (one of the kids who lives here plays for our school) but we found out it's like an hours train ride away... and we're all really tired from walking all day. I think were going to watch a movie later.

So that's it!

À tout à l'heure!


  1. A picture or video with every post please!

  2. You owe us a post for today! I agree that a pic would be good if it is not too difficult to do each time. Free entry to the Louvre whenever you want!?!? You can go look for the code of Hamurabi every day if you want to. Or you could send me a fresh picture of the Winged Victoire de Samotherace! Vin rouge 1,65.... bagettes (spelling?), crepes, Champs Elysee/ (I have to get a French keyboard!), your mom is going to want to move in with you!

  3. i havent taken any pictures yet actually... i havent been able to venture out much. But don't worry, i'll get some. and i dont know how to do that. i'll look into it.

  4. Moi aussi dan les photos -
    votre cousine vill keep a look out too

    Rosie en Saint Louis