So!! I HAVE THE BEST BIG BROTHER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! And he remotely controlled my computer and set up my wireless in my apartment so right now I am typing from the bathroom floor with NO wires!!! It's AMAZING! I'm on the bathroom floor because 1:47 am and I don't want to keep her up because Ben's trying to help me out with some more electronic things :)
But I'm so happy right now because there's no more internet sharing! Yaaaaaaay! It's awesome!
I should have a cell phone in the next two days!
I also got unlimited phone calls to any line in the world on skype for just 25€ for 3 months, so I can call home free! It's a pretty sweet deal!
Okay that's all for now! Things just got a lot better in the appartement!! :)

À tout à l'heure!

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