I'm here!

Yeah! I made it! And no Mom, Dad, and Paden it wasn't hard at ALL with two suitcases. I didn't have to pick them up until after going through security, and when I did I used a trolley and I took it all the way out to the cab. And the cab driver put them in the car and took them out and Raymond (trip director) helped me get them into the elevator.

The apartment's pretty tiny, but I have my own room kind of so that's nice. There are two rooms and they are connected to each other and my room is on the way to the bathroom. Which isn't a big deal. The beds are really comfortable so that's good.

That's pretty much it. I'm starting to unpack. I'm kind of putting off a shower, as gross as that is, because the heat is broken in the bathroom and it's pretty cold in there. I might just deal with it after a while though.

The neighborhood I'm in is pretty residential, and there are lots of families living here. It's weird to walk down the street and see little kids speaking French so well haha.

I guess I should get to it.

À tout à l'heure!

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  1. oh oui, tu vas "should get to it" ! et plus vite que tu ne le crois ! ne t'en fais pas pour le radiateur cassé dans la salle de bain, chez moi c'est pareil :( mais ça permet d'économiser l'eau chaude...! hahaha. J'espère que tes voisins sont sympa !